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Website update – Borough & County Police

Police forces as we know them today are an invention of the nineteenth century, with the first major development taking place in 1829 when the Metropolitan Police was formed. Other Read More

Parker Field & Sons – Name stamps

An aid to dating a truncheon from the Victorian era can sometimes be through the use of a makers name stamp, which are often found impressed into the butt end Read More

Website update – Further reading

For those interested in finding out more about the history and development of the decorated truncheon and tipstaff I have added a list of the most popular books on the Read More

Website update – Public Offices

One of the most interesting topics in the history of policing surrounds the development in London of Bow Street as a ‘Public Office’. This was followed in 1792 by another Read More

Bramshill Heritage Open Day – 2014

Bramshill House is home to probably the largest truncheon and tipstaff collection in the world. Sadly, in 2012 the Home Office announced the property would be sold off as part Read More

Website relaunch

I first launched a website in 2005 in a effort to share the knowledge I had gained as a collector of decorated truncheons and tipstaves. The advances in web technology Read More

An Unequal Match

An Unequal Match Although replaced in recent years by the baton the wooden truncheon was for a long time one of the iconic images of policing in the UK, and Read More

John William Parker Field

John William Parker Field 1814–1879 The firm of Parker Field and Sons was formed by John Field and his two eldest sons, John and William in 1841. It was created Read More